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Terralith Galvanic Dice Set

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Terralith Galvanic Dice Set - Rules of Play says:

These incredible looking and feeling dice are that extra special 'something' you are looking for to make that role playing session just a bit more special!

The Galvanic dice are heavily styled and finished in galvanically bonded metal. You may look at the dice and wonder how they roll, but worry no longer, we've had a set open and rolled them on multiple different surfaces and they roll well on all of them!

The set features all the dice you will need for RPG/D&D games (D4, D6, D8, D10, D100, D12 and D20).

If the metal finish is not for you but you love the style we also sell Terralith Battle Dice which have a tough painted finished!

Terralith Galvanic Dice Set Review:

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