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Terraforming Mars

SKU SG6005

Terraforming Mars Essentials:

  • No. of players: 1 - 5
  • Playing time: 100 minutes
  • Age: 12 +

Terraforming Mars - Rules of Play says:

It is the 2400s, and mankind is beginning to terraform the planet Mars. Giant corporations initiate huge projects to raise the temperature, the oxygen level, and the ocean coverage until the environment is habitable. In Terraforming Mars, you play one of those corporations and work together in the terraforming process, but compete for getting victory points that are awarded not only for your contribution to the terraforming, but also for advancing human infrastructure throughout the solar system. You gain the most points for aiding in the terraforming, by raising one of the three global parameters, but Mars has other resources to harvest and you cannot neglect them as they could be the few VPs that snatch you the win from under your opponents nose!

Terraforming Mars Review:

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