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Memoir 44: Winter Wars

SKU DOW730018

Memoir 44: Winter Wars - Rules of Play says:

This expansion is packed with every thing you could ever need to do battle in a snow-covered environment.

Inside this pack you will find:

  • 88 double-sided Winter tiles, 28 Special Unit badges, 20 round markers and 16 obstacles,
  • 20 Winter Combat cards, similar in concept to the Urban Combat cards introduced in Memoir '44: Sword of Stalingrad,
  • 80 new Command cards, designed specifically for Breakthrough battles, 
  • New Winter Combat rules,
  • New Troops, including the all new Tank Destroyer and Heavy Anti-Tank Gun units and Late War model versions of an Anti-Tank Gun, Mortar and Machine Gun.
These will all be critical to fighting (and winning!) the ten scenarios this booklet contains, all focused on those crucial 2 weeks of Christmas 1944 in the Ardennes.