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Keep 'Em Rolling! Race To The Rhine [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

by Phalanx

Keep 'Em Rolling! Race To The Rhine: Essentials:

  • No. of players: 1-4
  • Playing time: 90-120 minutes
  • Age: 14+

Keep 'Em Rolling! Race To The Rhine: - Rules of Play says:

Keep’em Rolling: Race to the Rhine features Race to the Rhine, a unique, logistics-focused euro-style wargame for 1-4 players (including a solitaire mode as well as optional cards and rules), and a standalone solitaire game – These Are My Credentials – covering the Allied liberation of Brittany.

As one of the historic Allied Commanders, you control several Corps that you must move along predefined, point-to-point routes, liberating cities from Axis control as you do.

Unlike many other wargames covering the liberation of Western Europe, in Race to the Rhine the focus is on planning and logistics. Moving your Corps requires fuel. Defeating Axis units and garrisons en route requires ammo. Feeding your armies as they move forward requires food.

The slower you are in moving to the Rhine, the longer you give the Axis to form a strong defense. But move too quickly and you risk overwhelming your logistical capacity to supply your advance. Whichever Commander can best manage these dual challenges will win the game.