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Five Alive Card Game

by Hasbro
SKU HASF4205102

Five Alive Card Game: Essentials:

  • No. of players: 2-6
  • Playing time: -- minutes
  • Age: 8+

Five Alive Card Game: - Rules of Play says:

Get ready for an unpredictable, fast-paced, family-friendly card game! The 5 Alive game is a wild twist on the classic game of "21" in which players get numbered cards, each with a face value, and must stay under 21 to stay alive. Do what it takes to survive! Take risks, engage a strategy, and sabotage opponents forcing them to lose lives! If someone goes over 21 they flip an Alive card. Once they flip all 5 cards they're out. Players get eliminated until there's only one winner! Follow instructions on Wild Cards to either knock out an opponent, or to stay alive. Change things up with the alternate sudden death version for an even faster game, or play in teams.