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Crokinole 78 (Brown)

by Ferti
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Crokinole 78 Essentials:

  • No. of Players: 2 - 4
  • Playing time: 20 minutes
  • Age: 8 +

Crokinole 78 - Rules of Play says:

This beautiful wooden game of French manufacture is an international star. Two players or two teams of two compete in flicking their chips (or pucks) on to the board. The goal is to get your chips into the center hole, or the position closest to the center to score the most points. However, for a legal shot you must hit an opposing pick with your own - or it's out!

Built with high quality materials chosen with care, Crokinole is tactical, finger-flickin' fun! Rules of Play loves it so much we keep an open copy out in our store, 24/7!

This version has a great patina in a semi-dark wood finish!

Crokinole Review:

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