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Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

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Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Essentials:

  • No. of players: 1 - 5
  • Playing time: 60 minutes
  • Age: 12 +

Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft - Rules of Play says:

Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner – and you are invited! Evil lurks in the towers and dungeons of Castle Ravenloft, and only heroes of exceptional bravery can survive the horrors within. Designed for 1-5 players, this boardgame features multiple scenarios, challenging quests, and cooperative gameplay.

Each player selects a hero; a ranger, rogue, warrior, cleric, or wizard. On their turn, each player can explore further into the dungeon (turn over new tiles), move through the already explored parts of the dungeon, and fight monsters. Players must cooperate to stay alive, slay the monsters, and achieve the goal of their quest. Each scenario has a different goal - from retrieving a relic, to slaying a vampire lord. Can you survive Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft? Rules of Play double dares you!

Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Review:

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Castle Ravenloft Awards:

  • Castle Ravenloft has won the following awards:

    • Origins Awards Best Board Game Winner, 2010