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Cartaventura Versailles

SKU 9788883955329
1687: Versailles, France. You are Julie d'Aubigny.

Your marriage is already arranged and everything is set: you will be a lady of the Court. Escape the shenanigans of Louis XIV's Versailles and all those who want to rule your fate to embrace a life full of love and adventure! Cartaventura is a collection of narrative card games with an immersive storyline and multiple endings! Players build their adventure using cards that offer different options.

Cartaventura offers games set in different eras, each one faithfully reproduced. Players are immersed in history thanks to rich scenarios and watercolor illustrations, in homage to travel books.

A historical booklet, written with specialists, offers additional information. Cartaventura offers a tutorial that accompanies the first game. Its simple and original game system allows players to explore the scenario several times to discover all the secrets of the game. With what they have learned and with the help of different choices, they will be able to optimize their adventure to discover all the endings.

Paris, France, 1687.