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Carcass Crawler: #2: Official Old-School Essentials Zine [ Pre-order ]


Carcass Crawler: #2: Official Old-School Essentials Zine: Essentials:

  • No. of players: --
  • Playing time: -- minutes
  • Age: --+

Carcass Crawler: #2: Official Old-School Essentials Zine: - Rules of Play says:

• New classes and races: Two new elf variants. The phase elf and the wood elf.
• Item-based encumbrance system: A simple system for tracking characters' loads and movement rates, based on the number of items carried. (No more need to add up coins and weights.)
• Town services: Guidelines and prices for inns, jewellers, money changers, and traders, including a simple optional rule for haggling.
• Hiring retainers: Tables and extra guidelines for locating and hiring retainers.
• Quick equipment: A set of tables for expediting character creation by randomly selecting starting gear.
• Energy weapons: Complete rules for introducing high-tech energy blades and guns into your game, either as alien relics found in long lost treasure hoards or to accompany the sci-fi inspired classes in Carcass Crawler issue 1 (the hephaestan and kineticist).
• Snake cult monsters: 8 brand new monsters: creepy undead, guardian constructs, and devious serpents.
• The tomb of Aum-Pharath: A mini-adventure in the trap-filled ruins of a snake cult temple.
• Adjudicating traps: Advice and optional guidelines for making traps a fun and engaging part of the game.