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Forget Netflix and chill, play games instead ✌

Forget Netflix and chill, play games instead ✌

We all know what Netflix & chill means - a quiet night in watching Louis Theroux documentaries and shoving nachos in your mouth while you ignore your student coursework, of course! Right? Ahem.

Fun as it is, Virgin Media is the devil and sometimes we run out of snacks. In these scenarios, we turn to board games, suited to all your student needs...


Billionaire Banshee, the board game for students

1. Billionaire Banshee 

Have you ever wondered how low your friends' dating standards are? In Billionaire Banshee, players are looking for a soul mate. There are Perk cards and Quirk cards; the player turns over both, and everyone else has to secretly vote if the player would date that weird combination.

For example - your potential date has a pet unicorn called Mister Cinnamon, BUT! They steal your tears while you sleep. Would you take the plunge? Your friends can only guess (and hope you wouldn't).


Love Letter card game for students or couples

2. Love Letter

A card game to get your student knickers in a twist, Love Letter is a short 'n' sweet game of delivering flirty notes to Princess Annette. She totally wants you, man!

Players will try to get their love letters in the Princess' hands, while ensuring nobody else's reaches her first. Love Letter is a card game full of romance, accidental hand-touching, and awkward eye contact. Score!


Sushi Go, a great party card game for students

3. Sushi Go

In this teeny tiny card game, players must stare and drool as a conveyor belt of sushi slides slowly past their face. Then it's ready, steady... Sushi Go!

Grab as many great items as you can, scoring points as you do it. Remember, combinations and full sets score high - dips can triple the value, and dessert is a must!

Sushi Go is a squishy-faced card game that'll make you temporarily forget that life is full of coursework and responsibilities. It's sushi! Everything is sushi!

If your 'Netflix & chill' has gone horribly wrong and you're a Cardiff student who enjoys gaming, we recommend popping along to any one of Cardiff's board game events, held throughout the week during the entire year!

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