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Billionaire Banshee

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Billionaire Banshee Essentials:

  • No. of players: 2 - 15
  • Playing time: 60 minutes
  • Age: 13 +

Billionaire Banshee - Rules of Play says:

Billionaire Banshee is a game where everyone playing pretends they're single & is looking for a soul mate. There are 2 card piles, a Perk pile and Quirk pile. The player who's turn it is grabs 1 card from each pile and the combination of traits listed makes up their potential lover.

For instance: PERK: They Have A Giant Robot QUIRK: They Have An Adult Baby Fetish. Everyone secretly votes if that player would date the weird combination, and those that know their friend best get a point.

Billionaire Banshee Review:

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