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The funniest board games to play at a picnic

The funniest board games to play at a picnic

The funniest board games to play at a picnic - blog post

We've reached June! Which means we're flirting with sunshine, shorts, and three too many cocktails on a Sunday afternoon. One of Rules of Play's favourite sunny day activities is games. Who'da thunk it?! 

If you're after holiday board games, beach board games, or just drinking-Prosecco-in-the-park board games, then the only rule is to keep it light. Strategy games and sandy sandwiches don't mix, but fear not - we're listing the funniest, silliest board games to play outdoors, wherever you are!

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1. Billionaire Banshee

2-15 players | 60 minutes | Age 13+

Have you ever wondered how low your friends' dating standards are? In Billionaire Banshee, players are looking for a soul mate. There are Perk cards and Quirk cards; the player turns over both, and everyone else has to secretly vote if the player would date that weird combination.

For example - your potential date has a pet unicorn called Mister Cinnamon, BUT! They steal your tears while you sleep. Would you take the plunge? Your friends can only guess (and hope you wouldn't).


2. In A Bind

3-12 players | 15 minutes | Age 10+

Now, you could roll up a Twister mat and carry it with you to Bute Park, but who wants to accidentally put their hand in a pool of melted ice cream or a small but efficient crowd of ants?

In A Bind, the game that turns people into pretzels, is a card game exactly like Twister, but better! Follow the actions - right finger on left nostril, or forehead touching knee, for example - and try to hold your ridiculous poses the longest.


3. Dobble: Finding Dory

2-6 players | 15 minutes | Age 4+

The Finding Dory film is was released at this time one year ago! And our level of excitement to watch it was definitely a normal amount. Very, very normal.

Get in the fishy spirit with Dobble: Finding Dory, an even easier version of Dobble! This picnic-friendly game can be played with kids or with tipsy adults; either way, you'll spend this quick-fire game of snap crying at the utter ridiculousness of slapping your hands on various fishy friends in hot pursuit of a forgetful Blue Tang named Dory. What is life?


4. Funemployed

3-20 players | 30 minutes | Age 13+

In this party game, players apply for real jobs with unreal qualifications. Just like normal life! Ba dum tshhh.

In Funemployed, experience the traumatising horror of job interviews, but this time, you get to be as silly / boastful / insulting as you want, without fear of being escorted from the building. Now, tell me what you could bring to the role of Head Astronaut with your ability to speak 'Panda'? No pressure...



The above games were chosen because of their 1) hilarity and 2) excellent pairing with ham sandwiches and flat Coke. It's like it was meant to be! 

Wherever you picnic this Summer, don't leave home without one of these top board games for picnics, beach days, and sunny afternoons in the park. Play with students, your family, or a bunch of your giggliest friends - just don't let the wasps win.

Want a few more ideas? See our full 'funny games for picnics' collection.

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Jamie - June 8, 2016

I can attest to the popularity of In A Bind at a picnic – I managed to gather half a dozen people from the office for a game near Cardiff Museum, and it was loads of fun:)

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