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This week's brand new releases! (17.05.16)

This week's brand new releases! (17.05.16)

Brand new board games! Get yer brand new board games here and check out our full collection of new releases!

Drum roll, please! This week's brand new releases are...


The forest is growing fast and its your jobs as caretakers for the Kodama (the tree spirits) to keep the place healthy so your little friends can flourish. The player who cares for their Kodama the best will be remembered for generations and become a part of forest legend!


The Bloody Inn

In the sinister The Bloody Inn, you are a competitive innkeeper bent on amassing more wealth than your competitors. You would never steal from your guests, after all you're a respectable business owner, but dead guests? That's another matter. Make your money in murder.


Ever dream of power and money? Why not become a Baron? In Barony, players take on the role of ambitious barons trying to extend their dominion over the land and increase their rank of nobility. Recruit knights, collect resources and buy titles!

More new games in stock:

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