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YGO Premium Gold 3 (2016)

by Konami
Sold out
SKU KON448113

Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Gold 3 - Rules of Play says:

Premium Gold 3 is a brilliant and reliable way of getting rare and secret cards, containing a mix of popular cards and several brand-new, never-beforeseen cards including powerful monsters for your extra deck, Premium Gold 3 is a brilliant way to bolster any deck!

Each box of Premium Gold: Infinite Gold contains 3 mini-packs for a total of 15 cards: 6 Gold Secrets and 9 Gold Rares per box

Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Gold 3 Review:

Unfortunately there aren't any reviews of Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Gold 3 yet, but why not check out the publishers website for more info.