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YGO 2016 Mega Tins

by Konami
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SKU KON540169

Yu-Gi-Oh! 2016 Mega Tins - Rules of Play says:

The Yugi & Slifer Tin and the Kaiba & Obelisk Tin each come with 6 variant cards – the highest number of variant cards ever included in a tin before! In addition to the Secret Rare Egyptian God Card depicted on the lid, each tin includes 2 Ultra Rare variant cards of Yugi/Kaiba themed cards, including Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon, in their Ultra Rare foil technology. Each tin also includes 3 Super Rare variant cards, including 2 brand new cards – one Pendulum Monster, and one D/D/D boss monster to go with the Pendulum Domination Structure Deck.

If you have any preference to which tin you would like please state it in the order notes, if not we will send a random one!