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X-Men Rise and Fall Booster: Marvel HeroClix

by WizKIds
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SKU WZK84788

X-Men Rise and Fall Booster: Marvel HeroClix: Essentials:

  • No. of players: --
  • Playing time: -- minutes
  • Age: --+

X-Men Rise and Fall Booster: Marvel HeroClix: - Rules of Play says:

The X-Men are no stranger to struggle, but some foes will rock the entire GALAXY! Based on the critically acclaimed story Rise & Fall of the Shi’ar Empire, this HeroClix release has everything! Vulcan is out for revenge against the X-Men, the Shi’ar, and their allies! This 5-figure booster release features beloved X-Men like Wolverine, Mystique, and Professor X, and their enemies like Eric the Red, Silver Samurai, Sabretooth, and more!

X-Men Rise and Fall will bring back Krakoan Revival on members of the Quiet Council, as well as showcase some new mechanics like RALLY and SALVAGE! This set continues the recent trend in HeroClix of excellent paint jobs. Players will enjoy collecting the never-before-Clixed WARP WORLD chase figures like WEAPON HEX!