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Triumph of Chaos v2 Deluxe

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Triumph of Chaos v2 Deluxe Essentials:

  • No. of players: 2
  • Playing time: 180 - 600 minutes
  • Age: 16 +

Triumph of Chaos v2 Deluxe - Rules of Play says:

Triumph of Chaos: The Russian Civil War 1918-1921 v2 DELUXE! is a two-player card driven strategic board game wherein the players assume the roles of the RED (Communist Forces) and the WHITE (reactionary forces).

With Triumph of Chaos v2 DELUXE!, the original game published in 2005 has been enhanced to provide a richer playing experience (more Social Revolutionaries, eastern warlords and a gaggle of obscure personalities and entities), a bigger map (enlarged 40% and including the Trans Siberian rail line all the way to Vladivostok), better play aids and redesigned cards (setting the stage for more player angst).