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Traveller: The Great Rift Box Set

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SKU MGP40013

Traveller: The Great Rift Box Set - Rules of Play says:

Inside this set you will find:

  • Book 1: The Great Rift – A Traveller’s guide to the Great Rift, how to traverse it, and explorations of Corridor sector and the Riftspan Reaches.
  • Book 2: Touchstone & Afawahisa – Continue exploring deeper into the Great Rift with Afawahisa and Touchstone sectors.
  • Book 3: Reft – The worlds and peoples of the most populated sector of the Great Rift.
  • Book 4: Deep Space Exploration Handbook – What is beyond Charted Space in the cold void of the Great Rift? Push further into the night with this guide to deep space phenomena and the spacecraft that traverse it.
  • Plus three giant double-sided posters illustrating the sectors of the Great Rift and the mysterious Phobetor system.