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The Strange RPG: Encyclopedia of Impossible Things

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The Strange RPG: Encyclopedia of Impossible Things - Rules of Play says:

A brilliant sourcebook for 'The Strange' containing all the information you'll ever need on those weird and wonderful, legendary or lost, weapons and items from fiction and myth. Whether it be Thors hammer or the portrait of Dorian Gray the 'Encyclopedia of Impossible Things' has all the stats and rules you will need to incorporate them into your games!

(From Publisher)
'The Encyclopedia of Impossible Things includes:

  • More than 400 new cyphers.
  • More than 250 new artifacts.
  • Scores of artifacts made famous by the mythology and fiction that gave life to their recursions, plus dozens of emergent artifacts that were created or evolved within the Shoals of Earth or the Strange itself.
  • Rules for personal recursions for player characters, including a sheet you can use to design and maintain your very own recursion.  '