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Talisman 4th Ed. - The Harbinger Exp.

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Talisman 4th Ed. - Harbinger Exp. - Rules of Play says:

The end is nigh! Dark omens herald the end of all things. Fire rains from the sky, the sea swallows the land, demons stalk the world, and the dead rise from their graves. In the midst of these dark times, great heroes are needed to face these new threats and save the world of Talisman from utter annihilation. The Harbinger expansion offers Talisman Revised 4th Edition players 75 Harbinger Cards, 10 new Spell Cards, 10 Terrain Cards, 32 Omen Cards, 2 Alternative Ending Cards, 3 new character cards and plastic figures, and the Harbinger, a mysterious figure warning of the apocalypse to come. Can the heroes stop the end of the world?