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Savage Worlds: Rippers Resurrected Game Master’s Handbook Limited Edition (Hardcover)

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Rippers Resurrected Game Master’s Handbook Limited Edition - Rules of Play says:

Three years ago, Johann Van Helsing led the Rippers - an ancient organization dedicated to fighting evil - against the forces of the diabolical Cabal. At great cost to life, limb, and reason they won. But, in 1895, a new evil stirs in the dark of night, straining at the walls of its eternal prison. Its fiendish servants comb the globe, seeking a way to free their master and consume the world with shadows. Only the Rippers stand against them. But, to triumph they must face their oldest nemeses - and their deepest fears! The Rippers Resurrected Game Master`s Handbook contains everything a Game Master needs to run adventures in the Victorian era, including expanded information about the Rippers` world, secrets of the Cabal and other threats facing the Rippers, an adventure generator, the all-new Plot Point Campaign `Return of Evil`, a host of all-new Savage Tales, and stats for all the Rippers` steadfast allies and fiendish enemies.