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Next War: India - Pakistan

by GMT
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Next War: India - Pakistan Essentials:

  • No. of players: 2
  • Playing time: 240 - 480 minutes
  • Age: 12 +

Next War: India - Pakistan - Rules of Play says:

Next War: India-Pakistan, the next volume in GMT's series of Next War games and a follow-on to  Next War: Korea, allows players to fight a near future war between India and Pakistan.

Due to the nature of a potential conflict, only a portion of the Indo-Pakistani border is featured so that the fighting centers around what it always has: the fate of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Special rules govern such things as the expanded role bridges play in the region play as well as the fact that both sides in the conflict are nuclear-armed nations. The People's Republic of China and the United States can make an appearance, but they might withdraw in the event of a nuclear exchange. The question is: will this war settle once and for all who will control northwest India?

Next War: India - Pakistan Review:

Unfortunately there aren't any reviews of Next War: India - Pakistan, but why not check out its publishers design blog for lots more info!