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Netrunner LCG: Kala Ghoda Data Pack

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Netrunner LCG: Kala Ghoda Data Pack - Rules of Play says:

As the first Data Pack in the Mumbad Cycle, Kala Ghoda does more than introduce sixty new cards; it also introduces us to the cycle's new themes and mechanics.

It begins by transporting the game to the Indian Union and the Mumbad metroplex. Much as the SanSan Cycle explored the life and cybercrime of the SanSan megapolis, the Mumbad Cycle explores the structures, cultures, and local color of the Indian Union's technological nerve center. Kala Ghoda, specifically, is the art district in south Mumbad that is famous for housing both the historical museum and Chatterjee University (Kala Ghoda, 10), where legions of the IU's top software engineers receive their higher educations.