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Mafia de Cuba

by Asmodee
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Mafia de Cuba Essentials:

  • No. of players: 6 - 12
  • Playing time: 15 minutes
  • Age: 10 +

Mafia de Cuba - Rules of Play says:

Havana, December 29, 1955: At the end of the meal offered to his "faithful" henchmen, Don Alessandro gets down to business. Suddenly, the phone rings in the back room of the restaurant. The Godfather is convened to the office of President Batista. He entrusted his precious cigar box to his henchmen. It must be said that the cigar box has a false bottom, under the first layer of cigars, where a stash of diamonds hide!

In Mafia de Cuba, each player will take the cigar box, open it and choose to:

- Betray and steal some yourself some diamonds 
- Remain a faithful and loyal gangster, be a driver, or act as an undercover CIA operative.

In the evening, the Godfather recovers his cigar box and goes ballistic when he finds his diamonds are missing. He must find his loot and punish offenders by providing them with concrete shoes before throwing them in the bay. After heated debates and thrown accusations, The Godfather, with the help of his faithful henchmen, will try to find all his stolen diamonds.

Does he lose his honor by accusing wrongly? Do the most cunning thieves win? Or is it the CIA that will send these thugs to sleep with the fishes?

Mafia de Cuba Review:

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