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Jurassic Park Bid To Win Trivia

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Jurassic Park Bid To Win Trivia: Essentials:

  • No. of players: 2-6
  • Playing time: 30 minutes
  • Age: 12+

Jurassic Park Bid To Win Trivia: - Rules of Play says:

You hate being right all the time! Grab your Guest's pass and show how "smart" you are by going head-to-head with other lovers of prehistoric adventure with the officially licensed Jurassic Park: Bid to Win Trivia Game!

Answer 600 questions spanning the Jurassic Park trilogy, The Lost World, and Jurassic Park 3. Using your personal hand of bidding cards, place a bet based on your confidence that you know this sci-fi franchise to the bone. The custom box-style packaging turns into a magnetic marker where if you survive level 5, you're in business as the T. rex from Jurassic Park trivia!