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HEXplore It: Klik's Madness Campaign Book

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HEXplore It: Klik's Madness Campaign Book: Essentials:

  • No. of players: --
  • Playing time: -- minutes
  • Age: --+

HEXplore It: Klik's Madness Campaign Book: - Rules of Play says:

Adventure awaits! Klik’s Madness is a choose-your-own-path, narrative-driven adventure built for the first HEXplore It Volume, The Valley of the Dead King. This board game/novel hybrid is a one-of-a-kind story that takes place in the Runecrest Valley — before the Dead King arrives.

Klik, Emperor of the goblins, has somehow managed to unite the short bickering fiends and mold them into a force even the elves of Fain’hil cannot contain. Under his command, the goblins are surging across the Runecrest like a plague.

Play through HEXplore It: the Valley of the Dead King in a new way and experience the unfolding of a rich and epic story. Your heroes will plunge into the narrative and drive how the story unfolds, based on the decisions and actions you make!