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Heart of Darkness: Alien RPG

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Heart of Darkness: Alien RPG: Essentials:

  • No. of players: --
  • Playing time: -- minutes
  • Age: --+

Heart of Darkness: Alien RPG: - Rules of Play says:

Space is vast, dark, and not your friend. Try to scream and no one can hear you—hold your breath and you rupture your lungs. And there are things lurking in the shadows—things strange and different and deadly. Things alien. The multiple award-winning official Alien – The Roleplaying Game offers a universe of body horror and corporate brinkmanship, where synthetic people play god while space truckers and marines serve host to newborn ghoulish creatures. It is a harsh and unforgiving universe, and you are nothing if not expendable. Stay alive if you can.

Heart Of Darkness works as a stand-alone adventure but also finishes the Draconis Strain Saga that began in Chariot Of The Gods and continued through Destroyer Of Worlds. All of these stories have been penned by Andrew E.C Gaska.

Three to five players can dive into this adventure alongside the Game Mother as you explore mysterious horrors and teeter on the edge of soul-crushing madness. Inside you'll find maps, cards, handouts and pre-generated characters that most likely won't live out the night.