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Healing Hands - D8 Dice - Sirius Dice

by Sirius
SKU SDZ0008-02

Healing Hands - D8 Dice - Sirius Dice: Essentials:

  • No. of players: --
  • Playing time: -- minutes
  • Age: --+

Healing Hands - D8 Dice - Sirius Dice: - Rules of Play says:

Only one dice set can help enhance your healing power and spells, and that’s these Healing Hands D8 dice from Sirius! These dice show more like precious gems, as they feature beautiful blue and white swirls that give off a gem-like look. They also show a metal hand that appears to be reaching out to help/heal. The clear flat-bottom tube keeps them organized and looking good as well. With such brilliant colors and abilities, these 8 great D8s are just what you need for bringing your game to life!