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Galaxy Trucker Latest Models

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Galaxy Trucker Latest Models Essentials:

  • No. of players: 2 - 5
  • Playing time: 90 minutes
  • Age: 13 +

Galaxy Trucker Latest Models - Rules of Play says:

Galaxy Trucker: Latest Models consists of new game boards for 2-5 players with space for new model C spaceships. Also new astroid rules mean that asteroids that approach the spaceship from the front or from behind sometimes swoop around to hit the ship on the side, and asteroids that approach from the side sometimes split in half and hit the ship twice!

The new model C ships come in the form of the Class 3C, a toroidal spaceship with the top of the 6x6 tile grid wrapping around to the bottom and the left side wrapping around to the right. Since lasers require an empty space in front of them – and engines an empty space behind them – your ship must have holes in it to accomodate those building requirements, and Class 4C, which has space to build four separate spaceships.

Galaxy Trucker Latest Models Review:

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