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Franky: Rock'n Vegas

by funbot
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Franky: Rock'n Vegas Essentials:

  • No. of players: 2 - 6
  • Playing time: 10 minutes
  • Age: 8 +

Franky: Rock'n Vegas - Rules of Play says:

Franky (the Monster formerly known as Frankenstein) makes Las Vegas uncertain! At the gaming tables he throws new monster friends and then gets rocked! Two to six crazy scientists, ages 8 and up, use their special Franky dice to roll their own army of Frankys: You need a head and a body to form a whole Franky and give it life with an extra dice of lightning. Through certain combinations with the additional eight-sided and ten-sided dice you can also collect numerous points in other ways.

Franky: Rock'n Vegas Review:

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