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Dominion Essentials:

  • No. of players: 2 - 4
  • Playing time: 30 minutes +
  • Age: 13 +

Dominion - Rules of Play says:

Dominion is a game with a box that gives little away. Look inside, however, and it's an utterly involving and exciting adventure: Dominion is Dominion's best kept secret! Don't be alarmed by the lack of theme – when you see all the curse cards your witch has given your opponent (and the negative points associated with them) you'll be cackling whether you believe you're in a castle, city or forest! This is an epic card game, where good strategy will reward you and the amount of card options within the game gives it great replay value. It's what's inside that counts!

In Dominion, players hire minions, construct buildings, beautify the castle and bring civilisation to your people until you - yes, you! - have your own dominion.

Dominion Review:

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Dominion Awards:

Dominion has won the following awards:

  • Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming Winner, 2009
  • Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection Winner, 2009
  • Årets Spill Best Family Game Winner, 2010
  • Games Magazine Best New Family Strategy Game Winner, 2010