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Deck of Wonders


Deck of Wonders: Essentials:

  • No. of players: 1-2
  • Playing time: 10-30 minutes
  • Age: 13+

Deck of Wonders: - Rules of Play says:

Deck of Wonders is a solo-first expandable card game with legacy elements. It captures the feel of games like Hearthstone and MTG, but in a solo/co-op format.

The object of the game is to defeat the various Villains that challenge you for the Deck of Wonders by turning their own spells and minions against them, while enlisting the support of magical creatures and powers of your own.

The story is that you’ve stolen the Deck of Wonders from Fate herself and, as you make your escape, all manner of magical creatures start coming out of the woodwork to both help and hinder you. Chief among these are Fate’s Villains, who are hunting for the Deck of Wonders at her command (or perhaps for their own selfish reasons).