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Cthulhu Confidential

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Cthulhu Confidential Essentials:

  • No. of players: 2
  • Playing time:

Cthulhu Confidential - Rules of Play says:

Langston Wright is an African-American war veteran and scholar in WW2-era Washington, DC. Vivian Sinclair is the 1930s The New York Herald’s most determined scoop-hound. And Dex Raymond is a hard-boiled private detective with a nose for trouble in 1930s Los Angeles.

Each is a lone investigator, equipped with smarts, fists, and just maybe a code of honor, uncovering their town’s secret truths. But what happens when you scratch the veneer of human malfeasance to reveal an eternal evil—the malign, cosmic indifference of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos?

You get Cthulhu Confidential™.

Cthulhu Confidential uses the GUMSHOE One-2-One system, a revision of the GUMSHOE investigative rules set, that creates a refined roleplaying experience for one player and one GM. Together you create a story that evokes the classic solo protagonist mystery format.