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CFV Special Series 4: Majesty Lord Blaster

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CFV Special Series 4: Majesty Lord Blaster - Rules of Play says:

Introducing the special premium deck holder and sleeves for the Majesty Lord Blaster Special Deck Set! You can experience fights of greater complexity with just this deck! 1 piece of Majesty Lord Blaster comes in SVR treatment, with 3 pieces and 5 pieces of other cards having VR and RRR treatment respectively!! The reissues are "Blaster Blade", "Flash Shield, Iseult", and 8 other cards. "Blaster Dark" comes with a new ability that allows it to be used as a 《Royal Paladin》! Also featuring a new "Order" card type! As well as 1 piece of the "Quick Shield" that you can get from going second!!