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Cartaventura Hollywood

SKU 9788883955330
1920: Ohio, USA. You are Jim Tully, a factory worker weary of a life far removed from his dreams of making it into the movies. Leave all behind and, from train to train, cross the country in the hope of meeting the most famous of all tramps: Charlie Chaplin!

- Will you survive the hard life of a Hobo?
- Will you see Hollywood?
- Will you be able to make a career in Hollywood ?

Cartaventura is a collection of immersive, narrative card games where the players experience a historical adventure together. In playing again making different choices, they can uncover all its secrets. You play Cartaventura by flipping over the story cards, building out the map, and making decisions that will impact the ending you receive! The game is simple to play and will lead you through the game mechanics as you move through the story.