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Aye, Dark Overlord: Red Box

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Aye, Dark Overlord: Red Box Essentials:

  • No. of players: 4 - 16
  • Playing time: 30 minutes
  • Age: 13 +

Aye, Dark Overlord: Red Box - Rules of Play says:

Aye, Dark Overlord! is a fantasy party game filled with humor that's fast to play and easy to learn.

Each player is an evil goblin servant of the evil Dark Overlord — Rigor Mortis, the Master of all Evils — and all of them are gathered at the Dark Overlord's knees to explain why they brought that last important mission, ordered by "His Evil Excellence" himself, to failure again. Panic wraps you in its freezing grip; what can you do to save your poor skin? Could you say you are not the one to blame, but your inept companions? Yes, of course, that's the solution! There is only one little problem: They've probably got exactly the same idea...and the Dark Overlord is not known for his mercy...

Aye, Dark Overlord! The Red Box is the most recent name of this game, to distinguish it from The Green Box, which is both a standalone game and an expansion for this one.

Aye, Dark Overlord Review:

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