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Board games for team building events & corporate days

Fun things to do at team building events - board games with Rules of Play

Is your team lacking steam? Does your office culture need a boost?

Incorporate board games into your corporate team building days - it's a guaranteed winner!

At Rules of Play, we've hosted many a corporate event. Board games for team building is a no-brainer, and something about the competition & the camaraderie is a huge battery booster for your team's morale.

Activities for corporate events in Cardiff - board games with Rules of Play

How does it work?

Need fun things to do at your team building event? If you're in Cardiff (or reasonably nearby), get in touch and let us know the date, time and location.

One of our friendly, expert games teachers will arrive with a wide range of board games. Your team can dive straight in, or ask for help with choosing a game, learning the rules, etc.

Corporate team building games for away days with Rules of play, Cardiff

What kind of team building games will you bring?

Well, we'll bring a wide range of games - there'll be something for everyone.

But for corporate away days, larger games that involve everyone are a popular choice! We'll come with everything from party games to light strategy games.

Our top 5 team building games for corporate events

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Corporate event games ideas for team building days in Cardiff with Rules of Play

Will my team enjoy it?

Forget your traumatic childhood memories of Monopoly - no one has a bad time playing board games! We won't bring any games that are too complex.

We know it's stressful, picking activities for corporate events that everyone will like. But board games tap into our competitive nature, our teamwork, our creative problem-solving and strategy skills - that's why they're a perfect way to build rapport and team confidence.

Ready for some tabletop team building?

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Corporate team building games for away days with Rules of play, Cardiff