#BoardGameBar at Tiny Rebel

Looking for a dedicated board game evening where you can play games and eat a great burger while you do? Tiny Rebel Cardiff knows what's up...

Upstairs @ Tiny Rebel | Mondays, 5-10pm, £3 | with Rules of Play

Want a quick taste of what our Board Game Bar is like? Check out our video!

In October 2014, Rules of Play opened Wales' first dedicated board game bar in the super cool Tiny Rebel Cardiff. It's a dedicated space for you to come hang out with friends, playing your favourite games and learning some new ones too!

'Monday night is Board Game Night!'

You hate Mondays. Garfield knows. The Boomtown Rats agree. Mondays suck. But with a whole evening of gaming to look forward to, your worst day just got upgraded. Mondays are the new Fridays!

We're open Mondays, at 5pm - 10pm. Great for when you've just finished work and need to batter someone at Smash Up, sell your soul in a game of Snake Oil or lie through your teeth to your best chums in The Resistance. 

We ask for £3 entry per person. Yep, we do need to provide teachers and rule book reciters, plus room overheads. Just a heads up - no under 18s allowed, sorry!

We bring a massive collection of hand-picked demo games, from old classics to new favourites - we know what you'll love best! We change the games every week, and it's a constantly growing list! 

Fancy playing a particular game? Contact us and let us know what games you definitely want us to bring!

New releases? Don't mind if we do! We'll be keeping things fresh and fun by demo-ing new releases and teaching you all the new and shiny games every single week.

We love a seasonal knees-up, so we'll be there come Halloween and Christmas with a suitable party for both! Keep an eye out for more details nearer the time.

Got a game that's not on our shelves? Feel free to bring it along and play!

Want regular info and updates? Click here to visit us on Facebook, where you'll find the weekly Board Game Bar event page - make it your little online hub of awesomeness!

Our schedule, at a glance. We'll be there for you and your pals, week by week by week.

As ever, our customers are important to us (awww, shucks...) and so feedback is always greatly appreciated! We won't have a suggestion box - you'd have us in roller skates and wigs before we know it - but what you think and whether you enjoy it is something we'd like to know, so feel free to contact us.