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Paradiso Planet Book (Print): Infinity RPG [ Pre-order ]

SKU MUH050215

Paradiso Planet Book (Print): Infinity RPG: Essentials:

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Paradiso Planet Book (Print): Infinity RPG: - Rules of Play says:

PARADISO The emerald jungle which has become the battlefield on which the destiny of mankind will be decided. The Paradiso Planet Book is the definitive sourcebook for the frontlines of humanity’s war with the Combined Army, including full gazetteers for the continents of Norstralia and Septentria and a comprehensive description of the Paradiso star system. Using an innovative system for Mega Ship Battles, your campaign will be able to plunge into the heart of the Acheron Blockade holding back the armadas of the Combined Army or sign-up for the pursuit uni-ships organized by Bureau Aegis to chase down the Shasvastii ghost-ships that slip through the net.

112 page colour softback sourcebook. A comprehensive gazetteer for both the planet and the entire Paradiso start system, plus an innovative system for Mega Ship Battles raging around the Acheron Blockade!