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Tremendous Titles Coming Soon!

Tremendous Titles Coming Soon!

Pre-order These Board Games With 10% Off

This week we've got a set of absolutely huge pre-orders that stand tall over all else in these Tremendous Titles Coming Soon!

Lead a burgeoning nation to its glory or its downfall in Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile, build your lunar habitat in Welcome To The Moon, fight Thanos himself in Marvel Champions: The Mad Titan's Shadow, and more!


Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

1 - 6 players | 45 - 120 minutes | £108

In Oath, one to six players guide the course of history in an ancient land. Players might take the role of agents bolstering the old order or scheme to bring the kingdom to ruin. The consequences of one game will ripple through those that follow, changing what resources and actions future players may have at their disposal and even altering the game's core victory condition.

welcome to the moon

Welcome To The Moon [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

1 - 6 players | 25 - 30 minutes | £31.50

You've built housing for humanity in neighborhoods and New Las Vegas. Now you need to save humanity through space colonization... Welcome to the Moon uses the same flip-and-write game mechanisms as the earlier title Welcome To..., but now you can play in a campaign across eight adventure sheets!

galaxy relaunch

Galaxy Trucker (Re-launch) [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 - 4 players | 60 minutes | £26.10

This version of Galaxy Trucker is a relaunch of the original 2007 release by Vlaada Chvátil that features new art, more ship tiles, tweaked card effects, and streamlined gameplay that consists of only a single flight through space. That said, should you want a longer, more challenging experience, you can play a three-flight campaign known as the "Transgalactic Trek".

 marvel champions mad titan

Marvel Champions: The Mad Titan's Shadow [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

1 - 4 players | 45 - 90 minutes | £36

This time, you and your fellow heroes must challenge the forces of Thanos. This massive expansion contains a brand-new campaign featuring five thrilling scenarios pitting you against members of the zealous Black Order, including Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, and, of course, the Mad Titan himself. As with previous expansions, you can play each of these scenarios individually or as part of a larger campaign, and with a slew of new modular encounter sets, there will be ample opportunity to mix things up for all of your Marvel Champions content.

 outpost 31 2nd ed

The Thing Infection at Outpost 31 2nd Ed [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

4 - 8 players | 60 - 120 minutes | £54

In the hidden identity game The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, you will relive John Carpenter's sci-fi cult classic in a race to discover who among the team has been infected by this heinous lifeform. Play as one of twelve characters as you lead a series of investigations through the facility using supplies and equipment to clear the building. The tension mounts and paranoia ensues as you question who you can trust in the ultimate race to save humanity!

 transformers deck building

Transformers Deck-Building Game [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

1 - 5 players | 45 - 90 minutes | £40.50

In Transformers Deck-Building Game, you take on the role of one of the mighty Autobots. Travel and explore the Matrix and transform between your different modes as you gain allies, find relics, and acquire technology to do battle with the Decepticons. But be warned! As your deck grows, more powerful Decepticons will rise up to challenge you.

 machi koro 2

Machi Koro 2 [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 - 5 players | 45 minutes | £27

In Machi Koro 2, veteran players will notice some big changes. Under the new zoning laws, players receive a limited budget to choose their own starting establishments. The available cards are pulled from three decks and arranged for all to see. It's a race to grab the coolest new establishments and landmarks in the land! The cards in this set have exciting, never-before-seen effects. But choose what you build wisely, as your landmarks might also benefit your opponents! With more variety than ever before, no two games will be the same. Machi Koro 2 will have fans visiting again and again!

 carc 20th ed

Carcassonne: 20th Anniversary Edition [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 - 5 players | 30 - 45 minutes | £45

This edition includes the tiles from the Carcassonne base game, "The River" mini-expansion (with five new river tiles), "The Abbot" mini-expansion, and a new 15-tile "anniversary" mini-expansion. All tiles are adorned with UV-print, with many detailed easter eggs being hidden in the art. Costume stickers are included in case you wish to "dress" your meeples. All contents are compatible with existing and future Carcassonne releases.

clash of cultures monumental

Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 - 4 players | 180 - 240 minutes | £126

Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition brings back the classic game of exploration, expansion, and development with the Clash of Cultures base game and the Civilizations and Aztecs expansion in one box! Grow your civilization, advance your culture and tech, and leave your mark by building wonders, with this edition of the game including fully-sculpted miniatures of the Seven Wonders.

 summoner wars 2nd ed starter

Summoner Wars: 2nd Edition Starter Set [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 players | 60 - 120 minutes | £27

Standalone Summoner Wars Starter Set containing the Phoenix Elves and the Tundra Orcs. This Second Edition Starter Set provides two complete faction decks not found in the Second Edition Master Set, along with all the materials needed to play games of Summoner Wars.

 greece lightning

Greece Lightning [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 - 4 players | 45 - 60 minutes | £31.50

On your mark! Get set! ROW! You are the captain of a sleek, speedy trireme, racing in the famous Hydra Regatta. Steer around whirlpools, shifting currents, and fickle gods. Avoid the hungry hydra to win a place among the stars! When you land on or cross the starting line, thereby finishing one lap, you receive a fish, a wedge, and a Favor of the Gods card. When someone has completed their second lap, you finish the round to ensure everyone has the same number of turns, then whoever has gone the farthest wins.

 camel up off season

Camel Up: Off Season [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

3 - 5 players | 45 minutes | £33.30

In Camel Up: Off Season, each of the 3-5 players has their own caravan of four camels that can carry goods, with the camels being able to carry 3, 4, 5, and 6 goods. Goods come in four types — carpets, vases, dates, and (non-date) fruit — and these goods will be available at markets, with one more market in play than the number of players. Each double-sided market indicates how many face-up and face-down cards are placed there, in addition to the special power of that market.

micro macro 2

MicroMacro Crime City 2: Full House [ 10% pre-order discount ]

1 - 4 players | 15 - 45 minutes | £23.40

MicroMacro: Crime City – Full House includes 16 cases for you to solve. Each case includes a number of cards that ask you to find something on the map or uncover where someone has gone or otherwise reveal information relevant to a case. Will you be able to answer all questions about the case without fail? Unlike the original MicroMacro: Crime City, Full House marks each case with symbols so that parents can decide which cases the youngest investigators are cleared to research.

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