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Three incredible board games with the word 'Labyrinth' in the title

Three incredible board games with the word 'Labyrinth' in the title

This particular Rules of Play elf has a not-so-secret confession: Labyrinth, the 1986 Jim Henson puppet extravaganza, is my favourite ever film. Ludo is my large, orange, fluffy spirit animal.


So imagine my tears of joy when it was announced that *they*, the powers that be, were turning it into a board game! Sweet, sweet joy!  

It's the 30th anniversary of the film gracing earth with its God-like presence. If you've never seen it, I urge you to watch it immediately.

David Bowie is a force of nature as Jareth the Goblin King.

With the passing of Bowie (😒😪) but the arrival of Christmas and happier times (☺️🎄), it's a good moment to take a look at this upcoming board game, and a few other Labyrinth-inspired family favourites...


Jim Henson's Labyrinth

Jim Henson's Labyrinth board game, available to pre-order from Rules of Play

Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game is a beautiful exploration of the movie for 1-5 players in which Sarah, Ludo, Sir Didymus and Hoggle must adventure through the labyrinth and make their way to the goblin city to save Toby from Jareth, the goblin king!

There are magical encounters, monsters, 2 adventure stages and more in this movie classic. It's age 6+, so a fantastic family board game for Christmas with all of the magic you've loved since 1986.

Release date: the end of November (hopefully!)

(A note for Labyrinth fans: we've had several pre-orders already, so secure your copy as early as possible to avoid disappointment).

Pre-order the game



Labyrinth (Ravensburger) board game

This game, just like the film, came out in 1986, and has paved the way for other maze-inspired board games over the years.

Labyrinth is a family board game made of movable tiles, all higgledy piggledy in a confusing maze. Your task is to push these tiles around to create pathways and move your wizard through the maze to collect items of treasure.

A perfect family board game for Christmas that hasn't stopped being popular for 30 long & winding years.

Buy the game


The Magic Labyrinth

The Magic Labyrinth, family board game available at Rules of Play

In The Magic Labyrinth, a game full of secret sorcery, you play as little wizards exploring a mysterious maze to collect symbols. The wizards are attached to magnetic ball-bearings underneath the floor - careful you don't accidentally run into a wall, because you'll have to start again!

It's perfect for younger kids, and teaches them about memory skills, quick thinking, and why you should always be careful when wandering through magic labyrinths...

Buy this game 

If you're thinking about which Christmas family board games to add to the shelf this year, don't underestimate the fun of getting lost in a labyrinth with the whole family at the table... 

We're off to re-watch Labyrinth for the millionth time! 

Goodbye, David Bowie. You were a real starry-eyed babe.

(A babe with the power, what power? The power of voodoo, who do? You do! Do what? Remind me of the babe!)

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