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This week's new releases, available from Tuesday!

This week's new releases, available from Tuesday!

Board Games:

Stellarion cover

You are the director of the Observatory. With your telescopes aimed at the stars, planets, and nebulas of the Oniverse, you are ready to launch daring spaceships into the skies.

Stellarion, the seventh entry in the Oniverse series, is a deck-management game. All the cards you need are split into eight decks, and you know the contents of each one. You'll need to manage all these resources to ensure that you have the right cards available at the right time.

Fleet: The Dice Game (2nd Edition)

Fleet: The Dice Game is an exciting new strategic roll and write dice game from the creators of Fleet! Fleet: The Dice Game is heavier than many roll and write games and captures the tense, meaningful decisions of Fleet. Fleet: The Dice Game is for 1-4 players.

In Fleet: The Dice Game, you are back in beautiful Ridback Bay to reap its rewards! Fleet: The Dice Game takes place over 10 rounds with each round having two phases, the Boat Phase and the Town Phase.

Long Shot The Dice Game

In Long Shot: The Dice Game, you and up to seven other players will strategize and push your luck as the action unfolds in a tense race of eight horses. During the game you buy horses, place bets, influence race movement, and utilize special abilities. The roll of the dice determines which horses move and the options available each turn, so be ready to adapt your plans. Once three horses cross the finish line, earnings are totaled. While there are many ways to earn money during a horse race, only the player that makes the most money will be declared the winner. Will you play it safe, or risk it big on a long shot?

Conspiracy Theory
Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion: Lord of the Rings LCG
Aldabas Doors of Cartagena
Charty Party
The Spill

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Poke Ball Tin

Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield 11 Lost Origin Build and Battle Stadium

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound- Shadows in the Mist
Soulbound: Champions of Order: Warhammer Age of Sigmar Roleplay
Ultimate Starter Kit for D&D 5e
Ten Years of Adventure

Miniatures Games:
Nick Fury Sr and Howling Commandos: Marvel Crisis Protocol
Baron Strucker and Arnim Zola: Marvel Crisis Protocol
Captain America and the Original Human Torch: Marvel Crisis Protocol

Japanese Dice Set: Last Words Stone
Japanese Dice Set: Sweet Spring Memory
Tally Mark: D6 Dice Set
Eye of Horus: D6 Dice Set
Octopus: D6 Dice Set

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