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This Week's New Releases

Brand new board & trading card games!

This week's brand new releases are...

Saboteur: The Duel

Saboteur: The Duel is a fast and fun card game in which one or two players race to collect gold by digging tunnels through a mine. With an ever-changing maze, plenty of ways to grief your opponent, and a greedy troll to make everyone's lives more difficult, this game is easy to bring to the table and tough to put away.

Arcadia Quest Inferno

Descend into the fiery abyss in this huge new miniatures-based exploration game. Featuring four different Guilds, numerous hero types and a branching campaign narrative, Arcadia Quest Inferno is a hell of a lot of fun.

As the next installment in the Arcadia Quest series, Inferno is fully compatible with the original, or playable as a standalone game.

Tak: A Beautiful Game

The abstract strategy game Tak originated in the pages of 'The Wise Man's Fear', a novel by popular author Pat Rothfuss. Now, game designer James Ernest has brought the game out of fiction, and its subtitle is certainly fitting.

Rothfuss' character Kvothe puts it best: "Tak is the best sort of game: simple in its rules, complex in its strategy. Bredon beat me handily in all five games we played, but I am proud to say that he never beat me the same way twice".

Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia

The world of Arcadia Quest sees another new release this week, in the mighty form of Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia.

Masmorra is a fast-paced, dice-driven dungeon crawler where players control Heroes that explore three levels of a dungeon filled with monsters, traps and treasure! Countless surprises await them, but only one can be the first to reach the final level and become the undisputed champion of the Realm!

More games coming next week:

We have all these fabulous games coming to the store. If you'd like any of them then get in contact with us.

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Recent releases available now!


From the prestigious Days of Wonder comes one of the most colourful and intricate releases of the year: the hotly anticipated - and frankly gorgeous - Yamataï.

In Yamataï, players have to complete a delicate mission: build the most prestigious city of the kingdom! The paths leading to victory are numerous, and players will have to carefully observe observe each other’s actions to become the Master Builder of Yamataï.

RuneWars Miniatures Game Core Set

If you like big boxes o' stuff, this one is for you. The Core Set for the brand new RuneWars Miniatures Game is positively mahoosive, brimming with glorious stuff - and it means business.

In this two-player battle game, blocks of infantry will maneuver for position, cavalry wings will wheel and slam into a weakened flank, and monstrous rune golems or carrion lancers will smash through formations of lesser warriors.
Innovative command tools, two distinct factions, and countless ways to customize your experience combine to offer an unparalleled miniatures gaming experience in RuneWars.

Fields of Green

Fields of Green takes place in the second half of the 20th century. Players take the role of farm owners trying to expand their property and business. By adding fields, livestock and facilities, they build an economic engine that will bring them closer to victory.

A Game of Thrones: Watchers on the Wall

Travel north and join the Night’s Watch with this deluxe expansion for the A Game of Thrones LCG! With new ways to defend the Wall and conscript your opponent’s characters, 'Taking the Black' has never been so much fun.

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