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This Week's New Releases

This Week's New Releases

Brand new board & trading card games! 

This week's brand new releases are...

Opus 2

Final Fantasy TCG: Opus II Booster Box

Contains 36 Opus II booster packs for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.

From the multi-million selling Final Fantasy franchise comes a brand new trading card experience! This 2-player game has 148 cards to collect in the Opus II Collection, the second set of Final Fantasy trading cards to be released to the Western market.

The Opus II Collection focuses on fan-favourite games Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VIII, as well as the online hit Final Fantasy XIV. Also featured are characters from Final Fantasy XII, a hot topic with Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age being released on 13/07/2017!

Diplomacy (2017 Edition)

This week sees the release of a brand new edition of Diplomacy, a title which has ruled the tabletop for decades.


In this classic game of pure negotiation, players represent one of the seven "Great Powers of Europe" (Great Britain, France, Austria-Hungry, Germany, Italy, Russia or Turkey) in the years prior to World War I. Players instruct each of their units by writing a set of "orders"; there are no dice rolls or other elements of chance.


With its incredibly simplistic movement mechanics fused to a significant negotiation element, this system is highly respected by many gamers.



Viticulture: Moor Visitors Expansion

The Viticulture Moor Visitors Expansion, designed by famed designer Uwe Rosenberg (Agricola, Caverna, Patchwork) and Viticulture designers Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone, adds 40 new visitors to any version of Viticulture.

Also included are corrected reprints of the Promoter and Harvest Machine cards.

Magic: The Gathering Modern Masters 2017 Play Mats

Modern Masters 2017 is the Magic event of the year, and accompanying the release are three play mats featuring iconic card artwork from the set: Snapcaster Mage, Ranger of Eos, and Goblin Guide.

Premium fabric tops prevent damage to cards during game play, and rubber backing lets the mat lay flat and prevents it from shifting during use. Dimensions are approximately 24" X 13 1/2

More games coming next week:

We have all these fabulous games coming to the store. If you'd like any of them then get in contact with us.

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Recent releases available now!


Modern Masters 2017 Booster Box

Contains 24 Modern Masters 2017 booster packs.

Modern Masters 2017 Edition takes players back to some of the most remarkable sets from recent history, representing everything from Eighth Edition through Magic 2014 – including trips through Innistrad and Return to Ravnica. Featuring new artwork on a number of cards, every card in Modern Masters 2017 Edition can be added to your favorite Modern-format decks. But first, enjoy a fresh Limited experience that combines some of Magic's most iconic cards in new ways.

My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria

My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria is a storytelling, pen-and-paper game where players create and roleplay as pony heroes who explore and seek adventure in the various lands of Equestria. Guided by a Game Master, players adventure together and use the "magic of friendship" to overcome obstacles as they learn more about each other and the world around them.

Math Fluxx

Math Fluxx is all about the numbers. Players use positive integers (whole numbers) in their quest to achieve a very mathematical goal — but it's not just putting 4 and 2 together to achieve the 42 goal (for example) as Math Fluxx also features the Plan B Meta Rule. Plan B puts special victory rules into play which give you a second way to win and require even more arithmetical acumen. With Math Fluxx, the fun is exponential!

Plague Inc: The Board Game

Plague Inc: The Board Game is a strategic game of infection, evolution and extinction for 1 - 4 people - based on the smash-hit digital game with over 85 million players. Can you infect the world?

Each player is a deadly disease and they must battle against each other to spread their plagues, develop new symptoms and ultimately wipe out humanity. You might try to eradicate a dominant player by bombing their diseased cities, or hold the Olympics to cause huge numbers of infected people to travel to a healthy continent.

When the world collapses, who will be the ultimate plague?

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