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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

max security

Magic Maze: Maximum Security expansion

1 - 8 | 25 minutes | £19

For some time now, the Magic Maze has been regularly robbed by unscrupulous adventurers, who incessantly steal from the same four shops. How strange! Due to this alarming observation, Management has installed new security systems to dissuade any further dishonest deeds. The Maximum Security expansion not only brings the mall guards of Magic Maze to life, but provides a number of other modules to allow you to customize your experience.

dominion nocturne

Dominion: Nocturne

2 - 4 | 30 minutes | £45

Dominion: Nocturne, the 11th expansion to Dominion, has 500 cards, with 33 new Kingdom cards. There are Night cards, which are played after the Buy phase; Heirlooms that replace starting Coppers; Fate and Doom cards that give out Boons and Hexes; and a variety of extra cards that other cards can provide.

gaia project

Gaia Project: A Terra Mystica Game

1 - 4 | 60 - 150 minutes | £93

In Gaia Project, you must terraform neighboring planets in order to expand your faction. Compete with others players for the best land and research new and exciting technologies!

pandemic rising tide

Pandemic: Rising Tide

2 - 5 | 45 - 60 minutes | £50

In Pandemic: Rising Tide, you and your friends play as a team of Dutch civil officials helping to modernise the water containment system. Your ultimate goal is to construct four hydraulic structures that will ensure the safety of the Dutch people for generations to come.


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