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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

otys cover


2 - 4 | 60 minutes | £36

You live in the Otys colony and you must retrieve the past civilizations debris in the depths to build the future of humanity. Manage your team of elite divers and try to collect more treasure than the other players!

azul cover


2 - 4 | 30 - 45 minutes | £40

As a tile-laying artist, you have been challenged to embellish the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora. Complete patterns to win extra points and decorate the palace!

startups box


3 - 7 | 20 minutes | £20

There are six companies that will change the world as we know it, and you can be part of their success and be a investor. Try to become rich by making the right decisions!

doctor who fluxx

Doctor Who Fluxx

2 - 6 | 5 - 30 minutes | £20

Doctor Who Fluxx takes Fluxx through Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Join with various regenerations of the Doctor, some companions, Gallifreyan tech, and K-9 (but beware of Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the Master) and play the most ever-changingest, timey-wimey version of Fluxx ever created. Doctor Who Fluxx: you'll play it time after time after time after time...

estrella drive

T.I.M.E. Stories: Estrella Drive Exp #6

2 - 4 | 90 minutes | £22

In Hollywood, the ghosts of the past never sleep! Embark on your next adventure into the past with Estrella Drive, the sixth expansion for T.I.M.E Stories. Like all T.I.M.E Stories adventures, you and your fellow players are members of the T.I.M.E Agency, sent to investigate a disruption to the Time Stream. This time, you and your fellow agents are sent to 1982 to investigate a temporal anomaly in a supposedly haunted Hollywood mansion.


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