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This Week's New Releases

Tortuga 1667 Board Game

Tortuga 1667

2 - 9 | 20 - 40 minutes | £25

In Tortuga, players take on the role of a pirate working to keep all of the treasure for themselves and lead a mutiny against the captain. Who can you trust? Will you walk the gangplank? Find out on the high seas!

Pathfinder RPG: Book of the Damned


Abandon All Hope! Powerful fiendish lords rule the deepest, darkest reaches of the Great Beyond: archdevils, demon lords, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and more... Within these pages, you’ll find details on demon lords and arch devils, information on the realms of Hell, Abaddon, and the Abyss, and rules for incorporating fiendish influences into your game―be they in the form of foes for heroic parties to face, or temptations for less scrupulous adventurers to consider.

MTG: Ixalan Booster Display Box


Magic The Gathering Ixalan Booster Display. Factory sealed mint condition. 36 packs per box, 15 cards per pack.

MTG: Ixalan Bundle


Includes a Player’s Guide with pictures of all cards in the set as well as ten 15-card booster packs, 80 basic land cards, 1 Ixalan card box, a learn to play guide, and an Ixalan themed Spindown Life Counter.

 More Games coming next week:

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