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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

 forts cats and dogs

Fort: Cats and Dogs Expansion

2 - 4 players | 20 - 40 minutes | £13

You've begged and pleaded with your parents and's time to get a pet! Fort: Cats & Dogs Expansion adds two modules to the Fort base game: dogs and cats. You can use one or both, as desired. Dogs are loyal. Neglect a dog, and it'll wander off. At game end, whoever has the most dogs in their doghouse scores seven points! Cats are fickle. Their actions happen at specific times, and they move around a lot. The more cats you have at the end of the game, though, the more points you score.

dune rpg atreides

Dune Collectors Edition Atreides Core Rulebook


Honour, loyalty, and intelligence are at the heart of House Atreides. Do you have what it takes to join them? To swear an oath to their banner and fight for the most noble of Houses is a great honour in the Imperium. Stand by your beliefs with this beautiful Collector’s Edition and proudly show the Atreides’ seal on its cover.

dune harkonnen rpg

Dune Collectors Edition: Harkonnen Core Rulebook


Take your characters on a journey through the storied worlds of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi masterpiece. Inhabit elite agents working for noble Houses where Mentats, Swordmasters, Spies, Bene Gesserit Sisters, Devious Advisors, or even desert Fremen join together to follow your banner. Whoever you choose to be, remember that those that control the spice control the universe.

patchwork halloween

Patchwork: Halloween Edition

2 players | 15 - 30 minutes | £22

Ghosts, skeletons, and pumpkins have entered the world of Patchwork in this spooky re-themed edition of the game. What's more, publisher Lookout Games has rebalanced the values of nine tiles to force those familiar with the game to adapt new strategies for drafting and keeping your opponent from filling in all their gaps.



2 - 4 players | 60 - 90 minutes | £45

As established representatives of your guild, you gather around an ancient sacred stone, the significance and magical powers of which are known to adepts only. Each player occupies one of the four towers around the Witchstone and starts from there. Create your magic spells with the help of your cauldron, and put a network of magic energy around the stone. Send out your witches, scoop the magic crystals out of the cauldron, make use of the pentagram and the magic wand, and keep an eye on the prophecy scrolls in order to ensure victory.

meeple towers

Meeple Towers

2 - 4 players | 45 minutes | £45

In Meeple Towers, you are a master builder! Strategically build your tower to provide the best amenities for your residents. Recruit new workers, raise up sturdy support beams, and stack tiles to create a multi-level 3D structure. Score points based on your contributions, your supporting structures, and how good you make life for your meeples. The builder with the most points wins!

match attax calendar 2022

Match Attax 2021/22 Countdown Calendar


131 cards including the following Festive Surprise cards: 4 Base cards, 3 Foil cards, 4 Limited Editions, 1 Hat Trick Hero Limited Edition and 1 Unbeatable 101 Limited Edition card!

And lots of other new releases this week!

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