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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

 micro macro 2 full house

MicroMacro Crime City 2: Full House

1 - 4 players | 15 - 45 minutes | £30

MicroMacro: Crime City – Full House includes 16 cases for you to solve. The city map serves as a map in time as well as space, so you'll typically find people in multiple locations throughout the streets and buildings, and you need to piece together what happened, whether by going through the case card by card or by reading only the starting card in the case and trying to figure out everything that happened for yourself. Will you be able to answer all questions about the case without fail?

wild beyond witchlight alt

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (Alternate Cover): Dungeons & Dragons (DDN)


The Wild Beyond the Witchlight takes adventurers from the Witchlight Carnival to Prismeer, a Feywild domain of delight, and is designed for characters of levels 1–8. This book comes with a poster map that shows the carnival on one side and Prismeer on the other. An alternative art cover with a distinctive design and soft-touch finish is available exclusively in game stores.

wild beyond the witchlight

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Dungeons & Dragons (DDN)


Once every eight years, the fantastic Witchlight Carnival touches down on your world, bringing joy to one settlement after the next. Its owners, Mister Witch and Mister Light, know how to put on a good show. But there’s more to this magical extravaganza than meets the eye!

dm kit

Dungeon Master's Screen Dungeon Kit: Dungeons & Dragons (DDN)


This kit equips the Dungeon Master with a screen and other tools that are perfect for running D&D® adventures through dungeons, whether ruined or thriving. The Dungeon Master's screen features a painting of a fantastic vista that plunges into the deep reaches of a mountain. Useful rules references cover the screen's interior, with an emphasis on dungeon-delving.

mtg innistrad set boosters

MTG: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Set Booster Box


Set boosters will have you howling with commander cards, art cards, and the opportunity to crack open multiple Rares and Mythic rares!

mtg innistrad draft boosters

MTG: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Draft Booster Box


Master the shadows with Draft boosters! Unwrap two double-face cards in every pack + one traditional foil card in every three packs.

mtg innistrad theme boosters

MTG: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Theme Booster


Already know your favorite Magic color? Have a deck you want more options for? Ready to dive head first into the return of double-faced Werewolf creatures? Theme Boosters answer all these questions. Each Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Theme Booster contains 1–2 rare or mythic rare cards and a combined total of 33–34 common and uncommon cards—plus 10% of Theme Boosters contain a Booster Fun variant!

mtg innistrad collector boosters

MTG: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Collector Booster Box


Have a taste for showcase, borderless, and extended-art cards? Collector boosters will satisfy your hunger with foils and five cards Rare or higher in every pack!

mtg innistrad commander decks

MTG: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Commander Deck


Includes 1 ready-to-play deck of 100 Magic cards, 1 foil-etched Display Commander, 10 double-sided tokens, 1 deck box, 1 life tracker, and 1 reference card.

mtg innistrad bundle

MTG: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Bundle


For those unafraid of the darkness: the ultimate bundle. Includes eight set boosters, 20 foil lands, 20 non-foil lands, a bundle promo card, and an exclusive oversized spindown life counter

 NR2 ywing exp

Star Wars X-Wing: BTA-NR2 Y-Wing


This expansion includes everything players need to add two of these reworked starfighters into their Star Wars™: X-Wing collection, beginning with two beautifully painted BTA-NR2 Y-wing miniatures. Additionally, beings from across the galaxy flock to join the Resistance, and 12 ship cards let them hand pick the right pilots for their strategy. The BTA-NR2 Y-wing is highly versatile and 18 upgrade cards invite players to customize their ships to meet your parameters. Finally, four Quick Build cards help players combine pilots and upgrades to jump into missions as fast as possible.

xwing fury of the first order

Star Wars X-Wing: Fury of the First Order


This pack includes everything you need to add 1 TIE/wi Whisper Modified Interceptor ship and 2 TIE/se Bomber ships to your games of Star Wars: X-Wing! 14 pilot cards create a pool of versatile pilots for these ships which can be customized in a myriad of ways with the 32 included upgrade cards. Players eager to play with these ships can as soon as possible can utilize the four included Quick Build cards which will get these powerful ships on the table in record time with effective suggestions on upgrades and configurations.



4 - 8 players | 20 minutes | £26

In Snakesss, you deal out the cards and try to answer a multiple-choice question with the rest of the players. The more people who get it right, the more points you cash in — unless, of course, you get one of the snake cards. All the snakes already know the answer, so their job is a bit simpler. To score points, they have to sabotage the discussion and mislead the other players.

And lots of other new releases this week!


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