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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

arkham secrets of the order

Arkham Horror Third Edition: Secrets of the Order Exp.

1 - 6 players | 120 - 180 minutes | £40

This new expansion brings investigators to the classic neighborhood of French Hill while also sending them beyond our reality into the depths of the terrifying Underworld. Two new double-sided map tiles bring the older regions of Arkham, Massachusetts to life, including the aforementioned French Hill neighborhood, as well as the Underworld itself. Four more investigators join the party, ranging from the steadfast soldier Mark Harrigan to the confident aviatrix Winifred Habbamock.

ancient chronicles core

Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles Core Set

1 - 5 players | 60 - 90 minutes | £90

Sword & Sorcery is an epic-fantasy cooperative board game in which 1-5 players fight together against the forces of evil, which are controlled by the game system itself. Each player controls one or more heroes – legendary characters brought back to life by powerful sorcery. Weakened by the resurrection, they grow stronger during their story-driven quests.

chaotic familiars

Sword & Sorcery: Chaotic Familiars


Each of these Familiars provides valuable help on the battlefield or grants peculiar abilities to its owner, such as the life-drinking of an Imp, or the poisonous spittle of a Drakeling. But this deep bond has a downside. When a Familiar dies, its owner suffers a terrible mental shock, which hampers their skills for a time. This expansion can be used with any Sword & Sorcery Quest or Campaign (Immortal Souls or Ancient Chronicles), by simply shuffling the Familiar cards into the Treasure deck.


Digimon Card Game: Booster Box - Great Legend BT04


“Raising” & “Evolving” hold the keys to victory, just like the original story! Contains various types of illustrations sure to satisfy DIGIMON collectors and fans! Booster Box contains: 24 Booster packs, 12 cards per pack

digimon giga green

Digimon Card Game: Starter Deck- Giga Green ST-4


Suspend your opponent’s Digimon and overwhelm them with a Mega digivolution! Contains:

  • Constructed Deck ×1 (54 cards)
  • Booster Pack Great Legend ×1 pack
  • Memory Gauge ×2

digimon machine black

Digimon Card Game: Starter Deck- Machine Black ST-5


Blocker and Reboot give this black deck serious defense! Shrug off your opponent’s attacks and strike back! Contains:

  • Constructed Deck ×1 (54 cards)
  • Booster Pack (Ver.1.0) ×1 pack
  • Memory Gauge ×2

digimon violet

Digimon Card Game: Starter Deck- Venomous Violet ST-6


Return trashed cards to your hand, sacrifice Digimon on both sides of the board, and outwit your opponent with this tricky purple deck! Contains:

  • Constructed Deck ×1 (54 cards)
  • Booster Pack Great Legend ×1 pack
  • Memory Gauge ×2

Other brand new games coming next week




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